28 Days to Your New Future

Digital Download 28 Days to Your New Future

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The first step in Your 90-Day Game Plan
This audio program is included in the Total Success Pack

This three-hour digital audio program covers new business-builder basics: 1) The recipe for success. 2) prospecting 101. 3) Contacting and inviting. And 4) How to have your best year ever!

In your first seven days you’ll learn the art of building your business; the seven truths of this industry; why success takes time; and the power of your commitment.

In your second week you’ll learn how to learn, and begin to create your future; master five simple steps that will allow your business to seem easy to do—and even easier to teach to someone new; and create your master plan.

In your third week you’ll learn how to create prospects on demand; be taught how to make effective 3-way calls; discover seven powerful prospecting secrets; and have revealed to you a little known fact about activity that will forever change your future.

In your fourth week you’ll learn how to contact and invite all those you are prospecting; discover how to always stay motivated; be taught what every leader must know; learn the importance of building relationships; and how to make the next 12-months your best year you’ve ever had!

28 Days To Your New Future is the first  audio program in Your 90 Day Game Plan. At some point, you really should listen to the other two programs… Here’s why