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Benefiting From The $25,000 Formula

What Is The Secret?
Knowing What To Do
Doing What You Know
Right Place, Right Time

Understand The Process
Results – Double Your Business

A Simple Philosophy…
Decide What You Want
Find Someone Who Has It
Learn What They Did
Do Exactly That
Continue Until You Succeed

A Specific Philosophy…
Expose Two-A-Day
Attend A Weekly Briefing
Read Good Books
Listen To Great CDs
Be Here A Year From Now

Get Better Results
Follow A System
Personal Development
Get A Workout Partner
Use The $25,000 Formula

The $25,000 Formula
Each Evening
Make Your List
Prioritize Your List
Put Your Mind To Work

The $25,000 Formula
Each Morning
Go To Work On #1
Stay With #1 Until Complete
Go To Work On #2…

Today’s Six Things…

  1. Expose Two New People.
  2. Read 10 Pages Of
  3. Listen To 30 Minutes Of
  4. Follow Up With
  5. Long Distance Pack To LA
  6. Return Calls & E-mail

Make A Commitment
Do This Every Working Day
Convince Yourself
Share It With Your Leaders
Teach It To Your Team

What Is The Secret?
“The secret to your success is to do the common things uncommonly well.”
Michael S. Clouse

All the best,


P.S. And now it’s your turn! Read books, listen to the CDs, take the classes, and build something magnificent!


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