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Simplifying The Uniqueness of Success

I’ve got this idea for a book and I wanted to share it with you… The working title is, How To Build Your Network Marketing Business In Three Easy Steps.

This idea came to me after a conversation with my son Taylor, who at the time was a junior in high school. Taylor was demonstrating his newest toy, a TI-92 graphics calculator, trying to teach ‘Dad’ how to ‘simplify the expression,’ which basically refers to how someone would reduce a complex mathematical problem to its simplest form.

I watched as Taylor entered the data into the TI-92… (x-3y2)-4 (y6x-4)-2 …pressed a few buttons and presto—out came the simplified solution x4y4. And I got it! No, not the math… For the first time I understood the solution to one of the most complex and misunderstood problems in our industry: Answering that elusive and frequently asked question, “How do I succeed in Network Marketing?”

Let’s face it… We all realize defining success is difficult because it means different things to different people. Everyone’s answer is varied to some extent—and that can be really confusing. While some say, “Do this, and you’ll achieve success.” Others reply, “No, do it this way, because it only works this way.” And still others respond, “Hey, everything works, so do whatever you want.”More than a bit puzzling for someone trying to figure out this Network Marketing success thing.

And yet by not reducing success to its simplest form, too many of us are missing out on the answer—missing out, I believe, on a relatively simple formula that could work for every person, every time.

Is this really possible? Well, take a look at what I’ve come up with and decide for yourself…

If we reduce success in Network Marketing to its simplest form, the math looks like this:

s = (d + g + a)i2

Translation: success is achieved when you add together a burning desire, written goals, and consistent activity, and then multiply that mixture with self-improvement squared (squared because the books you read, the CDs you hear, and the classes you take create a powerful synergistic effect over time). Wow! The Clouseian Formula™ actually acknowledges the uniqueness of success—and shows you how to achieve it!

And if you’re not crazy about the math, consider the formula this way: look at the areas in your life you have the strongest desire to alter, change, or improve. Next, prioritize your desires into written short-term and long-term goals… Then, have someone help you select the right activity driven plan necessary to achieve all that you desire—and take immediately action… And as you move toward your desired goals, simultaneously go to work on getting a little better every day (all that self-improvement stuff I mentioned earlier) so that your journey becomes a little easier over time. Remember to celebrate your success when it happens… Repeat!

You see, successful business-builders understand that Network Marketing has always been, currently is, and will continue to be about self-improvement. Because in this industry, it’s not what you get that’s ultimately important—it’s who you become in the process. And if that’s true, then your success—and ultimately who you become—is as easy to define (and achieve) as:

s = (d + g + a)i2

So use the math, and write down what you truly desire to achieve, set some goals, and then go to work. Focus about an hour a day on the the i2 portion of the formula by asking yourself what skills you want to improve: prospecting, presentation, or duplication? Then pick up a book, listen to a CD program, or sign up for a class. Apply what you learned, and continue repeating this process: s = (d + g + a)i2 until your life is working out just the way you planned.

How To Build Your Network Marketing Business In Three Easy Steps. Hey, maybe I’ll write that book after all… However until I do, let’s teach everyone, The Clouseian Formula™.

All the best,



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