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Daily 1/2 Dozen Things

If it’s true—and it is—that leadership can only exist when people are willing to follow, we must be asking ourselves, “Why would someone want to follow me?” And the best answer is, because you’re doing, The Daily 1/2 Dozen Things!

So what are The Daily 1/2 Dozen Things that will make 80% of the difference? Take a look…

Your Daily Activity

  1. Really think about your goals for 15 minutes each day! Know “where” you’re going and “why?”
  2. Listen to 30 minutes of a great Network Marketing CD every day! Remember to master the fundamentals: Prospecting—because you’ve got to find ’em. Presentation—because you’ve got to enroll ’em. And Duplication—because you’ve got to turn ’em into leaders who can do the same. Therefore, each month go to work on getting better in one area of your business.
  3. Read ten pages of a good personal development book every day. Remember if you can read and you choose not to, you are illiterate by choice! The Self Help Books link on offers the only reading list you’ll need to reach the top position in your company!
  4. Expose two new prospects every day using an MLM system anyone can duplicate (CDs and DVDs, e-mail and Website, two-on-one presentations and live events). And if you want to learn how to easily prospect more people, then follow the simple, proven, and extremely effective techniques taught on our best-selling audio program, Prospecting 101.
  5. Follow-up with your prospects… Sponsor them “in” and then get them “involved!” Because if they see you following a proven system for success, they will stay in the game even longer.
  6. Take some time to teach those on your team the MLM system. Meet with them at the weekly events and invest some quality one-on-one time with them as well. Because, again, success is not about sponsoring them, success is about teaching them how to succeed…

You don’t need to work every day—but on the days you do work, these are the daily activities designed to make you a superstar. Remember: Easy to do! Easy not to do!

Try The Daily 1/2 Dozen Things for the next 90 days and see if you don’t achieve even more success—personally and with your entire team—than you ever did before….

All the best,


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