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Effective Leadership

People are always asking, “How do you become a great leader?” And although there are many “correct” answers to this question, the following formula will help you—along with those you choose to teach on your team—become a great leader.


“Let your ‘Yes!’ mean ‘Yes!’ ” “Under promise and over deliver.” “Keep your word.” Quotes and phrases abound that all attempt to make the same point: Be accountable!

So why is accountability so important in our business? Because you can’t fire that new Associate!

J.O.B. vs. Y.O.B. (Your Own Business)

Who are you accountable to? Who are those on your team accountable to? And how is your current plan—or lack of a plan—working for you?

And if you don’t have the accountability portion handled, here’s a great suggestion: The “one e-mail a day” story!

Leaders have something in place that allows them to be personally accountable. What’s your accountability plan?


The process of doing… People will follow your lead if they believe that you’re going to the same destination (story of hitch-hiker and the car that turns around = bad news) What are your goals? And is your current level of activity enough to get you from where you are now, to that future destination we call living an extraordinary life?

Two CDs a day into the marketplace, leads, Internet, etc.


Getting better at the game… In all three areas:

  1. Association: Who are you around (in person, or on television, at the movies—Blockbuster on a Friday night—in books, CDs/audiotapes, etc.)? What are they doing to you? And is this okay with you?
  2. Personal Development: What are you reading, listening to, and taking (classes)? Leaders are always in the process of reading a book, listening to CDs, and taking classes. Leaders have a “Get Better” budget, and invest it in themselves monthly. What’s your “Get Better” budget?
  3. Leaders quickly apply what they are learning, and what works for them—and then they in turn teach what they have learned to others. What are you learning, and to whom are you sharing all that you have learned?

The 10th Secret: Effective Leadership, and how to create it, is all about Accountability, Activity and Action. It is the understanding that people will only follow you if you have a reasonable plan, and they can clearly see that your plan is taking you where you desire to go. And that if they get on board with you, your plan will take them where they want to go too. Leaders have a vision. Leaders paint a clear picture of the future.

Assignment: Consider what we’ve just discussed, and then using the notes you’ve taken, combined with the notes above…answer each question we’ve just discussed, making sure, again, your answers would cause someone to want to join you on your journey towards that magnificent life!

All the best,


P.S. And now it’s your turn! Read the books, listen to the CDs, take the classes, and build something magnificent!


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