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Ensuring Your Dreams Come True

Goals must contain three elements:

  1. Goals Must Be In WritingYour goals must be in writing. If they are not in writing then simply call them what they actually are: desire, wish, hope, one day….

    Your goals must be: a) written out word for word, b) written in present-tense language, and c) your words must create a strong visual image in your mind’s eye.

  2. Goals Must Be Better Than Your BestYou cannot have a goal to earn $5,000 every month. You can, however have a goal to earn $60,000 this year.
  3. Goals Must Be ObtainableCan you relate to it? Because if you can relate to it, you probably can achieve it…

The 12th Secret: Ensuring All Your Dreams Come True is realizing that you must:

  1. decide what you want
  2. create a plan to achieve what you want, and
  3. your plan (or goal) must be in writing, better than your best, and obtainable.

Assignment: Stop kidding yourself! Either: Invest time to:

  1. decide what you want
  2. come up with a reasonable plan to get what you want and
  3. go to work on the action steps + the acquisition of knowledge (the getting-better-personal-development-part) to get what you want… Or just be honest with yourself and acknowledge the fact that you really don’t want it that bad. Because it really is as simple as Either – Or! Because only when you go to work on your plan, and begin gaining the knowledge, only then will you fully understand what I mean….

All the best,


P.S. And now it’s your turn! Read the books, listen to the CDs, take the classes, and build something magnificent!


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