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Future Choice: Why Network Marketing May Be Your Best Career Move! by Michael S. Clouse
Future Choice: Why Network Marketing May Be Your Best Career Move!
by Michael S. Clouse

If this week is typical, over 175,000 people will find a new way to increase their financial security and personal freedom. How? They will join more than 57 million others who are already earning a living, full- or part-time, through Network Marketing...

For those wanting to better understand what Network Marketing is, how it works, and why so many people are joining, Future Choice is the book you need to read.

And if you're already convinced Network Marketing is right for you, take the advice from those who have shared their comments below, and get a copy of this book into the hands of all your wholesale buyers and potential business-builders too—anyone you believe might be interested!

"I have read and reread Future Choice several times and plan on reading it again! It's a joy to read, a pleasure to share, and a gift to all Network Marketers. Thank you for showcasing our industry, its leaders, and its unlimited potential." —Denise Hay

"I can't find the words to tell you what a blessing Future Choice was to me. I am new to Network Marketing and I have been reading as much as I can get my hands on. But your book is amazing. Not only did I get it but now I can share it. I plan on reading it over, and over will be the first gift I give to everyone I sponsor." —Connie Kurtz

"Future Choice is AWESOME! I bought four cases based on the online comments alone! I've had them a week and only have one case left. People were literally seeking me out to buy them! Thank you so much Michael for making our work that much easier!" —Jerri Leake

Indeed, those who read Future Choice will definitely become believers in the Network Marketing! So if you're ready to become a believer, order this book (or several of them for your team) by MLM Expert Michael S. Clouse today!

We offer Future Choice in two formats: 136 Page Hardcover Book and eBook Digital Download. Get your free software for your computer or smart phone from!

 136 Page Hardcover Book $20

 Kindle eBook $12 READ THIS FIRST
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MLM Expert Michael S. Clouse
MLM Expert Michael S. Clouse

About the author: Michael S. Clouse has authored over 50 published articles, along with several books, videos, and CD training programs on the subject of Network Marketing. Certified as a Network Marketing Professional by the University of Illinois at Chicago, Michael is recognized as one of The Top 20 Network Marketing Trainers in the world today. With a background that includes over 25 years experience in direct sales, MLM systems development, and team psychology, Michael is a sought-after business consultant, personal coach, and a dynamic keynote speaker. His weekly newsletter, Nexera e-News, is currently read by tens of thousands of Network Marketing Professionals around the world.

What others are saying about Future Choice:

"I heartily recommend this aptly titled and well-written book to anyone seeking to learn about opportunities in Network Marketing." Scott DeGarmo, Editor-in-Chief, SUCCESS magazine

"I now give Future Choice to new managers so that they can benefit as I did. Thank you Michael for writing such an insightful and compelling account of our industry." —Dana Collins

"I am now recommending my leaders give Future Choice to EVERY new business-builder...and even to prospects! This book helps everyone see how this business is so much more than sharing a great product. It's about changing lives! —Cecilia Stoll

"Future Choice is the perfect sponsoring tool because it educates and explains our industry in a simple, concise manner! Future Choice will definitely be in every curiosity packet I give to my perspective consultants!" —Donna Weiser

"Future Choice is absolutely wonderful. I only wish I had this insight when I began my business eight years ago! I plan to give Future Choice to all those who express an interest in my business, as well as give it as a gift to those on the team as they promote." —Carol S. Kirken

"I should have been asleep hours ago, but I can't put your latest book down! Future Choice reads like a handbook and I want to get it into the hands of every consultant on my team...and every prospect too!" —Terry K. Rowden

"Future Choice truly paints the big picture. It also breaks the business down to its simplest components... I will get this book into the hands of my prospects and will recommend it to my team." —Kathy Whittington

"I could not believe how simply you explain Network Marketing! I have shared Future Choice with my team and encouraged everyone to use it to help explain our industry. Thanks so much for this awesome business tool." —Ann Salyer Cox

"Future Choice is one of the greatest Network Marketing tools ever published for your prospects. The book defines the industry in a brilliant, very comprehensive manner which allows anyone to be able to understand it thoroughly, dispelling any myths they may have encountered. It will captivate and hold the attention of the reader, and allow them to grasp the simple fact that anyone can have this life-changing business in their lives." —Krisi Harmon

"Future Choice is the book I now give to my new consultants because it concisely lays out the benefits of Network Marketing and what to look for in a successful venture." —Wendy Cohen

"I have already used Future Choice by telling prospects to read page 121 first, since everyone I approach claims to have "no time" for this business. After they read page 121, they are surprised and want to read the entire book!" —Karen Schriefer

"I just finished Future Choice and I realized that my prospects can learn all they need to know about Network Marketing in less than two hours, in an informative and entertaining read. This is the perfect marketing tool, and the perfect companion for my new team members who are still getting their heads wrapped around the beauty of Network Marketing." —Kelly Wheat

"I have already given copies to people on my team, and I am giving Future Choice to friends who up to now don't get Network Marketing. I will also be giving Future Choice to prospects as well. But that is not all... I am also giving Future Choice to some of my wholesale buyers so they can learn more about the industry and perhaps become more than wholesale buyers!" —Robin Corbin

"I am using Future Choice as a reward to members of my organization who have enrolled new members. The chapter on 'Profits and Prosperity' with its story and information will appeal to everyone. I am using the appendix article on 'Overcome the No-Time Syndrome' as the answer for those who say they are just too busy." —Gail Stolzenburg

"Future Choice made me realize that some of the old fashion ideas about Network Marketing are not valid in this day and age." —Teri DaRonch

"I have already passed the book onto one of my new business builders, to help her understand the big picture. Your book reiterates the power of duplication and multiplication; two of the most crucial aspects to success. I am going to be suggesting Future Choice to all new business-builders on my team. Thank you!" —Denise Olson

"I read Future Choice and I absolutely loved it! For me it really put into perspective what my life can and will be five to ten years from now... That it is not only possible to be successful, it has been proven time and time again. I have given a copy to each of my business-builders and have implemented Future Choice with my own prospects." —Jana C. Yeager

"This morning I was only going to read a bit of Future Choice and yet I finished the whole book because I couldn't put it down. Everyone on my team will be given this to read." —Pamela Cox

"Future Choice is awesome! I already have a list of 12 people who I want to send the book to as it will really answer many of their questions about Network Marketing. Thank you for making this book available! It will help build my business!" —Ann Kennedy

"I just ordered 30 copies of Future Choice to give away to my prospects. Thank you for providing a tool that lends such credibility to my business." —Regina Noetzoldt

"I just got a copy of your new book, Future Choice. I found it an easy read and a very informative summary of the system of Network Marketing. I will share it with my business-builders and those who have misconceptions about the industry and the opportunity for success. I expect all my business builders will want copies of this valuable tool." —Harry Sanders

"I am using Future Choice with my contacts because it gives the best overall picture of how and why to build a network team. I love the book!" —Jan Wheatley

"I just read Future Choice and have already recommended it to my team. Thank you so much for writing a book that gives credibility to the Network Marketing business." —Haven Howard

"Future Choice is an absolute must read for anyone thinking about joining the Network Marketing industry. I highly recommend you have numerous copies on hand to pass out to any serious prospects!" —Mike Kearney

"Future Choice offers such a perfect overview of Network Marketing that I plan to give it to all of my perspective business-builders so they don't fear the unknown. Thank you for this succinct and engaging book that truly tells the story of Network Marketing!" —Lynn Longley

"I devoured Future Choice within an hour of receiving excellent read! I then had to order more to share with those on my team! You have a way of painting the picture for all to clearly see that they, too, have a choice for their future." —Sue Hickman

"I have read and reread Future Choice several times and plan on reading it again! It's a joy to read, a pleasure to share, and a gift to all Network Marketers. Thank you for showcasing our industry, its leaders, and its unlimited potential." —Denise Hay

"Future Choice is fabulous... Did I mention it was fabulous? If not, let me say it again... It is FABULOUS!!!" —Tina Beer

"Future Choice is chock full of information even I didn't know as a 12 year veteran of the Networking Industry. I plan to give Future Choice to prospects, every new consultant (including wholesale buyers), and I highly recommend that spouses read it as well." —Linda Cruikshank

"What a GREAT book. This will really help my business! Thanks for clarifying, simplifying, and showing the value Network Marketing can offer. I will give a copy to everyone on my team, and to new prospects, so that they truly understand how Network Marketing can change their life if they want it to!" —Heidi Nettler

"Future Choice is one of my favorite books! It is the perfect prospecting tool, explaining Network Marketing simply and clearly. It firmed up my belief in the industry." —Liz Blackman

"We read Future Choice the day we received it... We also ordered copies for the top 10 young leaders on our team. You have given everyone who knew nothing about our industry the truth. Even the owner of our company wants all our leaders to read Future Choice." —Carol & Roy Ely

"I am working part-time as a hairdresser and let my clients read Future Choice while they are in my chair. Every client wanted a copy of the book!" —Donna Pfleger

"There are so many highlights covered in Future Choice that is it hard to know where to start... As far as I'm concerned, this is a must read for anyone who is serious about building a business through Network Marketing. Thank you for this labor of love." —Katherine Brown

"Future Choice is the most practical and to the point information I have found on Network Marketing. I am recommending this book to all I share the business with. I ask them to read it, highlight it, and be prepared to have a conversation about all they have learned. What an incredible time-saving tool!" —Julie Lamphier

"I received a copy of Future Choice as a gift, began reading and couldn't put it down! I finished it in one sitting and thought, this is going to be an awesome prospecting tool. I placed my order for more and have already gotten copies out to prospects across the U.S." —Josie Koonce

"Future Choice made me even more thankful that I have chosen Network Marketing as my career. Thank you for explaining so beautifully that those who care about their financial future will be wise in choosing Network Marketing. I have told everyone on my team to order your book as soon as possible." —Janelle Sabolick

"Although I have been in Networking Marketing for 15 years and have read many books on the subject, Future Choice is the first book that is so complete in everything relating to this business. It talks about the industry, its history and future, the nuts and bolts of the business, how to do the business, and it offers powerful testimonials." —Barbara Mertzlufft

"I read Future Choice in one afternoon... You have made Network Marketing so easy to understand. I have already recommended it to all my friends." —Winnie Garrett

"After reading Future Choice, I am ready to sign-up all over again. Thank you!" —Lisa Barkley

"Future Choice shows the potential of Network Marketing. It is a must read for anyone already in, or considering joining, our business. I plan to give it to ALL my team members; it is that powerful." —JoAnne McCormack

"I couldn't put Future Choice down! Now I am telling people what I do with much more confidence." —Janina Goldberg

"I have to say, Future Choice strengthened my belief in Network Marketing and has already helped me become a more passionate leader." —Sonia Baliner

"Future Choice was just what I needed to breath life back into my business. I finishing reading it in one sitting. Your overview of the industry is both comprehensive and easy to digest. There really are no more excuses!" —Karen Kurtzweil

"I read Future Choice in one evening and immediately went online and ordered 10 more copies for the people we are introducing to Network Marketing." —Chip Atchison

"I read Future Choice and immediately e-mailed my entire team to let them know that they needed to order copies to pass out to everyone they talk with!" —Tricia DeBenedetto

"I loved this book! I think it clearly shows why Network Marketing should be your Future Choice! I plan to make Future Choice mandatory reading for all new consultants on my team... Thanks for another great book!" —Melissa Brown, M.D.

"My mother read Future Choice while on an airplane and then shared it with a friend who is now seriously considering Network Marketing. I was able to cement my belief even further and have quoted many excerpts during opportunity meetings!" —Mindy Ziffren-Hall

"Future Choice is another Michael S. Clouse masterpiece! This kind of book can only be written by someone who has been there, done that; and that's why I continue to trust what you have to say about Network Marketing!" —Carolyn Beckwith

"Future Choice renewed my belief in my business and the awesome opportunity it offers! I am passing it on to my team and to every new prospect I meet." —Patty Kolokoff

"I read Future Choice while I was at the beach and loved it! I signed my niece up on vacation and gave her my copy to read! I'm soooo glad I bought more than one copy!" —BJ Pierce

"Future Choice tells the reader just what they need to know about Network Marketing... I picked up several good tips for helping me in my business. I will give this book to my team and future prospects to help them too!" —Barbara Frye

"I have handed out copies to my downline, and plan to give a copy to my mentor at our International Convention. I am going to tell prospects, 'All you really need to know about Network Marketing you can learn by reading Future Choice.'" —Charlie Vos

"Thank you for writing such a compelling book about our industry. I have given everyone in my organization a copy, and have already seen a change in business growth!" —Terri Nichols

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