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Five Steps To Success

Over the past few years I’ve had the privilege of seeing a fair part of our world. From New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere, to the northern lights of Finland… From The Land of The Rising Sun in the east, to the West Indies. From industry cruises, to private conferences, to memorable conversations along the way, and I yet am still amazed at what can be learned about building a successful Network Marketing business, “On the road again…”

In Dallas, Texas, keynote speaker Jim Rohn once gave the greatest one-liner I’d ever heard when he suggested to his audience of three thousand, “If one of you were missing, there wouldn’t be this many people here!” Inclusive leadership material. Classic Rohn.

In Singapore, sadly, I witnessed first-hand how a few so-called industry leaders compromised their beliefs, values, and ideals in favor of the almighty dollar. It was a terrible thing to see and a great lesson to learn: Time will either promote you or expose you.

In Scandinavia, I spoke to a group of associates who were building a massive business usingsystems-based marketing. Quite impressive… What I learned in ten days is worth millions.

In Charleston, South Carolina, I had the good fortune of investing a long weekend with one of our industry’s best, Frank AuCoin. During the course of our conversation, which centered around simple steps for getting someone started, the following five steps to success emerged…

With that in mind, if your goal is to build a successful Network Marketing business once and get paid on it for a substantial period of time, then teach these five steps to the next ten people you sponsor and see for yourself why people all over the world now use this getting started approach:

  1. Get Connected – Stay Connected

  2. Communication. It’s the name of the game. Therefore, every time you start someone new in the business, plug them in! E-mail, Website, Voicemail, Corporate Magazine, Your Upline’s Newsletter, Local, Regional, and National Events. Whatever your company and support team offers—make sure that everyone you’re working with gets plugged in!

  3. Learn Your Core Product Line

  4. Study one core product per day, until you understand all the benefits! And remember the old adage: facts tell, stories sell. Therefore, make sure you’ve mastered two or three great stories for every product you offer.

  5. Understand How You Are Paid

  6. Sit down with your Upline and review the CDs, watch the DVDs, or attend the classes. Whatever it takes for you to learn how you are paid, and how those who join you will be paid. Again, memorize the plan and the lifestyle stories… You know, how David and Mary bought that car, financed their children’s University education, and then retired 15-years early.

  7. Learn How You Build The Business

  8. How many different ways are there to build your business? Retail sales, preferred customers, group sales, one-on-one, or two-on-one presentations, business events, trade shows, advertising, executive recruiting, the Internet, etc. The secret is to uncover all the ways successful people are building, and then select one or two ways that work for you… Stay within your comfort zone—and you’ll succeed faster—because you’ll continue to do what is easy to do.

  9. Take Action + Get Better

Sometimes we actually need to be reminded to talk to people—to a lot of people—about the business! Remember a jet plane loaded with fuel, passengers, and destination already determined, will consume 80% of the runway before it ever gets off the ground. But those jet engines are all systems go! Now some of us are just strolling down the runway—talking to one person this week and maybe another person next week—at that rate, all you will ever accomplish is to run out of runway and quit the business!

In the beginning, your only assignment is to take whatever action you can and learn how to build the business over time. Therefore, make sure you read the books, listen to the CDs, and take the necessary classes along your journey.

Indeed, after you’ve gotten connected, become familiar with your core product line, understood how you’re paid, and have selected the best way for you to build your business—get started! In the beginning this will require about eight to ten hours per week, one Saturday per month, and one weekend per quarter, over the next two to five years. That is, if you’re truly interested in achieving time and financial freedom!

Learn The Five Steps To Success, and then teach this simple system to everyone you know—and you will be on your way to building your own Network Marketing Empire!

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