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Four Distinctions

Top MLM leaders have often said, “If you get better, it will get easier!” Therefore, when you understand—and then consistently apply—these four powerful principles (or distinctions) you will forever alter the way you build your MLM business, and perhaps even the way you live your life!

The Four Distinctions are: Awareness, the word “Yet,” Wealth Wisdom, and Making Decisions!

  1. Awareness. Awareness is the beginning of change. And you can only change what you’re willing to acknowledge. An essential reason you need to be actively involved in your own personal development program! Because when you get better—in any area of your life—it does get easier.
  2. Yet. If we were to measure your internal dialog (that little voice inside your head), we would probably find that you talk to yourself in all those one-sided conversations at the astounding rate of approximately 12,000 words per hour—all day long. And sadly, most internal conversation is anything but positive.
  3. So what’s the best way to turn a potential self-sabotaging phrase like, “This isn’t working!” into a positive one? By adding the word, “yet” to the end of all those less than encouraging thoughts.

    “This isn’t working!” becomes “This isn’t working, yet!”

    “I’m not earning enough money!” becomes “I’m not earning enough money, yet!”

    “My business isn’t growing fast enough!” becomes “My business isn’t growing fast enough, yet!”

    Therefore, the next time you catch yourself slipping into negative self-talk, try adding the word, “yet!” to the end of those less-than-positive sentences. And as you do become aware of what you’re actually thinking, begin to improve the way you talk to yourself; only stating—and focusing on—what you actually want.

  4. Wealth. People can handle wealth in direct proportion to their wealth wisdom.
  5. Why do most lottery winners lose their millions in such a short period of time? Because the moneycame first. Why do so many business leaders who lost everything (Walt Disney went bankrupt several times before building Disneyland) seem to get it all back so quickly? Because the wisdomcame first.

    Therefore, when it comes to acquiring, and then keeping, your money—your wealth wisdom must come first! Yet another reason for personal development.

  6. Making Decisions. There are two very different ways people make decisions: 1) the successful way, and 2) the unsuccessful way.
  7. The successful way to make a decision: 1) get the facts, 2) make your decision, as soon as you have the information, based on the information, and then 3) stay the course until you achieve your desired end result.

    By contrast, the unsuccessful way to make a decision: 1) make the decision without getting the facts, 2) base your decision on what you already know, and then 3) second-guess whatever decision you make as to whether your decision was right or wrong.

    Therefore, if you want to make better decisions, follow these four steps:

    1. Get the facts. You don’t need to know everything, however you should be able to answer these questions 1) Does it feel right? 2) Is it good for me? 3) Is it good for the people around me?
    2. Make your decision as soon as the necessary information has been presented (because there will never be a better time to decide than when the facts are clearly in your mind) by asking yourself this question: “Would the person I want to become do the thing I’m about to do?”
    3. Stay the course. Successful people make decisions quickly, and change their minds slowly—if ever. Unsuccessful people make decisions slowly, changing their minds quickly, and often.
    4. Focus on your desired outcome. If you’re going to second-guess the decision, do it before you make the decision, not afterwards. And then once the decision has been made, only focus on what you truly desire…

    If you will use The Four Distinctions as a guide, then they will serve you well!

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