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How You Can Create Your Future

Two simple steps
Spaced Repetition
Heightened Emotional Experience

Spaced Repetition
Pots – 4,000 Songs – One More Time
Work On The Fundamentals
Prospecting – Presentation – Duplication

Focus On One Area Monthly
Read A Book – Take Class – Listen To CDs

Spaced Repetition
Works Every Time – Works Over Time

Heightened Emotional Experience
Life Changing Event – Compelling Movie Scene

Heightened Emotional Experience
Immediate Results
Not “On-Demand”
Be Actively Involved

Two Simple Steps
Spaced Repetition
Heightened Emotional Experience

“There is nothing wrong with being ignorant at first as long as your goal is to become intelligent over time.” —Michael S. Clouse

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P.S. And now it’s your turn! Read books, listen to the CDs, take the classes, and build something magnificent!


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