Learning the Business One Story at a Time

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Kindle eBook by Michael S. Clouse

A collection of 24 short stories, this easy-to-read 128 page eBook reveals exactly what new business-builders and top leaders need to know in order to build a successfully duplicating Network Marketing business.

Covering topics as diverse as BeliefActivityFocusThe MLM SystemProspectingLeadership,Building Relationships, and Money, to the all-important Formula For Success, master story teller and MLM Expert Michael S. Clouse shares the secrets that make MLM really work!

Learning The Business One Story At A Time will teach you how to build a Network Marketing business… If you want to find more prospects, develop more leaders, and earn more money, read this most excellent eBook!

— Orjan Saele, The #1 income earner in Scandinavia

If you’re in Network Marketing because you want to make more money and still have free time to enjoy your life, then get this eBook by MLM Expert Michael S. Clouse today!