Mastering the Fundamentals

Digital Download Mastering the Fundamentals

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The first step in Your 90-Day Game Plan
This audio program is included in the Total Success Pack

This powerful four-hour audio program covers: 1) How and why to use a system. 2) Effective follow-up. 3) Presentation skills. And 4) Why the five/three formula is critical for your success!

You’ll learn how to establish a solid foundation for your Network Marketing business, realize why you need to develop a workable blueprint, master the art of having people instantly like and trust you, and understand the all-important success strategy—the use of The MLM System.

You’ll learn seven profound prospecting plans, discover how to leverage reciprocity, create your own referral center, and be taught how to make follow-up calls that produce the results you want.

You’ll learn the art of effective presentations, realize how to make a fortune following-up, and be able to teach someone new how to quickly get started in their own business—working with you!

You’ll learn that duplication is what success looks like, be taught how to effectively manage your time, understand why the five/three formula is critical for your success, and how to invent your future, thereby creating the best year you’ve ever had!

Mastering The Fundamentals is the second  audio program in Your 90 Day Game Plan. At some point, you really should listen to the other two programs… Here’s why