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Mastering The Music

I attended the Rod Stewart concert in Seattle. Fabulous production! Amazing, that after all those years Rod can still electrify an audience. True, center seats in the eighth row did help… That’s where everyone should sit… Close enough to see the color of the entertainer’s eyes.

The show had ended—or so everyone thought… You should have seen that place. Ten thousand fans on their feet; clapping, cheering, and yes, occasionally screaming for their idol of the night to return and perform just one more song. As the seconds slowly turned into minutes, the acoustical accolades only increased. Apparently we were going to convince Rod Stewart and his band to return for an encore, or we were going to go deaf trying.

Then it happened. With the reinvigorated energy that only teenagers seem to possess, all eleven band members reappeared. And just when I was convinced this magical evening couldn’t get any better—it did! Before the solo musician’s mandolin melody could send a chill all the way up my spine, memory had already located the words…

Maggie May.

One of Stewart’s classic mega hits from the 1970’s. It had been decades since I had first fallen in love with that song, and years since I remembered hearing it… Yet as the music triggered some mental lyrical flood, I, and all the people around me, found our minds saturated with every verse…

“Wake up Maggie, I think I’ve got something to say to you. It’s late September, and I really should be back at school.” Rod turned his microphone towards the audience. We sang. The band continued to play. And the only thing emerging from the Scotsman’s mouth was a smile.

Can you imagine what that must feel like for an entertainer? Witnessing a sea of people, possessing but one voice. All having mastered the music, without ever having studied the words.

Perhaps that reality isn’t so far-fetched. After all if your Network Marketing business consisted of ten thousand enthusiastic performers, I think we could agree that would be a good start.

So how about you? Do you know all the words? What about the distributors on your team? How do so many people master the music, without studying the words? As business-builders these are interesting questions to ponder. And in case you’re wondering, I’ve been thinking about this for sometime now. Here’s what leaders know…

You master the words by hearing the music one more time.

Just as I fell in love with, and effortlessly memorized yet another piece of that song each time it played, you too can learn almost everything you need to succeed in Network Marketing by listening to the music over and over and over again.

So where is the music being played? On great audio programs, like the Total Success Pack and Building A Better Life, available through On your weekly conference calls, as well as regional, national, and international conferences. For those who are tuned-in, the music is playing everywhere!

And here’s the best part. By listening to these audio training programs, and attending these events, you will magically learn the words. Words to best present your business. Words to encourage your new distributor. Words to grow your empire…

It’s true… If you will immerse yourself in your business by attending every live event for the next 12 months—including the event after the event—you will be amazed at what you will learn. And if you can convince those in your business to join you in that endeavor, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the music, becoming a leader among leaders, and enjoying life the way it was meant to be….

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