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MLM Business Building Basics

The single-most important step you will ever take in building your Network Marketing enterprise is simply getting started. Therefore, if you want to build your organization once—and get paid on it for a lifetime—take the time to get plugged in, and then access the ongoing stream of information offered by your sponsor, your support team, and your company. Here’s how…

The MLM System

In this profession everyone talks about The MLM System and yet only the more successful teams understand the awesome duplicatable power a well-designed system offers to new business-builders and established leaders alike. Indeed, The MLM System will show everyone on your team a specific way to:

  1. Get new business-builders started.
  2. Explain when, where, and how to find prospects.
  3. Teach new business-builders how to professionally present their products and services to potential customers—as well as the business opportunity to prospects.
  4. Be simple enough to follow so that the cycle—The MLM System—will be followed; time after time, new business-builder, after new business-builder as described above.

Ask your support team about The MLM System they are using, and how they recommend you get started, because odds are good the system is already in place, and if you follow it you can achieve any level of success you desire.

Several components of The MLM System deal with how you stay connected with your sponsor, support team, and company. They include:


Your support team can play a key role in your early success if you know who they are, how they can help you, and you make it known to them that you are serious about your success—part-time or full-time—and want to be part of the team. Every business-builder should have a printed list that includes his or her support team by name, location, title, and contact information. Make sure you know where you are in the organization—and all your new business-builders know too.


We live in the Internet age. I believe it is now safe to say if you are not online—while you may not end up in the bread line as previously thought—you are out of the information loop. And again, because communication is the name of the game, if you are serious about Network Marketing, you need to be online.

Web Site

Today more and more companies are offering business-builders their own Websites: If your company offers this service, get it as soon as possible. If your company does not offer this service, or you believe you could “build a better mousetrap,” talk with your support team first before doing anything. That system thing again!

Online Newsletter

Leadership teams, and companies alike, are now using e-mail to broadcast group-specific news to thousands of “wired” business-builders at one time. Commonly called an e-mail blast, these time-sensitive messages should more than keep any serious Networker up to date with company news, product announcements, as well as event/training dates and details. Make sure you subscribe to—and regularly read—the e-mail your sponsor, support team, and company sends.

Conference Calls

In addition to the written word—e-mail, e-zine, corporate magazine, or otherwise—many support teams offer weekly conference calls, training calls, or business opportunity calls to those on their respective teams. These calls can be a great way to stay connected—and build your Empire—all from the comfort of your home-based business. Get the call-in number, along with the date and time of the call, from your sponsor or your support team, and then make sure you’re listening.

Local Business Events

Network Marketing is a person-to-person, relationship – building business. Trying to build a successful business without ever meeting with, or talking to, anyone on your team does not work long-term. Therefore, if you want to build your organization once—and get paid on it for a lifetime—you must attend the local business events. Depending on your company—and where you live in the world—these events could be held in a coffee shop, private home, restaurant, hotel conference room, or any other place recommended by your support team. Make sure you know where these events are taking place, and then attend as often as you possibly can.

Regional Business Events

In addition to the local business briefings held in your area, your support team—or local leadership—will schedule larger events on a monthly, or quarterly basis. Business-builders within a certain region of the country attend these events to learn from some of the top leaders your support team, or company has to offer. Attending these events is an absolute must if you want to save time learning from the best-of-the-best!

National & International Business Events

Just like regional events, national and international business events are simply bigger, hopefully better, and should offer even more product knowledge, along with all the how-to-do-this-business training that can be jammed into a two- or three-day event. Because this is where business-builders really learn about the profession—and company—they have chosen to be associated with, attending these events as soon as possible is the single best decision any business-builder can make when it comes to his or her long-term likelihood for success…

Remember, the single-most important step you will ever take in building your Network Marketing enterprise is simply getting started. Therefore, because communication is the name of the game—and one of the business building basics—every time you start someone new in your business, get them plugged in!

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