MLM Expert Michael S. Clouse is One of the Top 10 Network Marketing Trainers—in the World!

A Little About Michael S. Clouse

Michael S. Clouse is a world-renowned MLM expertEditor-in-Chief, Michael S. Clouse is a world-renowned MLM expert.  He has authored more than 50 published articles, along with many books, videos, and audio training programs on the subject of network marketing.

With a background that includes 30 years experience in direct sales, MLM systems development, and team psychology, Michael is recognized as one of the top 10 network marketing trainers in the world today.

Michael is a sought-after business consultant, personal coach, and a dynamic keynote speaker. His weekly newsletter, Nexera e-News, is currently read by tens of thousands of Network Marketing Professionals around the world.

Michael is certified as a network marketing professional by the University of Illinois at Chicago.

How Michael Got His Start

Both new and seasoned network marketers often ask MLM expert Michael S. Clouse how he got his start in MLM.  His introduction was quite simple, actually.  A colleague gave Michael a cassette tape with a simple message.  He liked the message, so he went to a follow-up presentation.  He liked that message, too, so he decided to get involved.

Michael readily admits that he initially didn’t know what he was doing, but he was willing to learn.  Within six months, he was able to cover his family’s car payment and more.  By his thirteenth month, Michael’s new MLM career was paying for his family’s mortgage.

He encountered many skeptics, but realized that you should only accept advice from people who are further ahead than you are.  While working at Upline, a network marketing magazine, Michael’s passion for the profession was further ignited.  He left his post with the magazine and got back into the profession full-force.

Michael went on to build one of the largest businesses in the profession—within 10 years!  Now he is dedicated to helping other network marketers build their dream life.  He tours the world sharing his expertise and wisdom.  Michael has had an extraordinary career and can honestly say, “Been there, done that and got the t-shirt!”

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