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Power of Word Pictures

If you want others to quickly and easily understand your Network Marketing message—and I would imagine you do—consider using the power of word pictures to make your point. Why? Because the old saying is still true, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

So how would you use the power of word pictures to get your point across? Well, there are four main parts to your business. Let’s try explaining each part with a statement, and with a word picture.

1) Getting Started

In your opinion, which seems more effective; the statement or the word picture

Statement: If you want to build your Network Marketing business once, and get paid on it forever, the single most important step you will ever take is simply getting started.

Word Picture: Building a business that will continue to pay you, and then your children, and then your grandchildren, is a lot like building a home that will also stand the test of time—they both need a solid foundation. To build that solid foundation for your home you need concrete and steel. To build that solid foundation for your business you need an MLM system.

2) MLM Prospecting

In your opinion, which seems more effective; the statement or the word picture

Statement: Make a list of at least 100 people.

Word Picture: If you were to get married, who would you invite? Start with that list… Because when your family members, friends, and co-workers are be willing to shop for a card, buy a gift, get dress up in uncomfortable clothes, and give up a Saturday just to attend your wedding, they might also be willing to give up a little time to see if this business is a fit for them.

3) MLM Presentation

In your opinion, which seems more effective; the statement or the word picture

Statement: We’re the best MLM company; we have the best product; we have the best pay-plan.

Word picture: If your ultimate goal is to get your prospect to agree your German Chocolate cake is the best; should your message be, “We only use farm-fresh eggs, pure cane sugar, the finest flour, Tahitian vanilla, bla, bla, bla…” or should your message simply be, “Taste this…”

4) MLM Duplication

In your opinion, which seems more effective; the statement or the word picture

Words: What I’m about to do with you, you must be able to immediately do with the next person you meet—with or without my help—whether that person lives across the street, across the town, or across the country.

Word picture: Imagine you’re staying at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, in the heart of downtown San Francisco… It’s springtime and the air is filled with the sweet aroma of freshly cut flowers. You’re “dressed to the nines” because this is your night! Ten thousand people have all gathered to see you—to hear what you have to say… And yet, as you make your way from your penthouse suite, down the private elevator and into the ballroom, passing hundreds of happy, cheering, and elegantly dressed people, you remind yourself that everyone in this magnificent place is in your downline; and because of your decision to get involved just a few short years ago, you have everything in life you’ve ever wanted. Now that’s what a duplicatable MLM system can do for you!

Word pictures work when we communicate with people in the same way they communicate with themselves. Therefore, because people think in pictures, share your ideas, thoughts, and business opportunity the in same way. In other words, see what your MLM business will do for your prospects future, and then tell your prospects what you see your MLM business doing for them! Use your palate of language and paint a picture that would make Picasso proud.

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P.S. Here’s one last example using the power of word pictures; and as you read the next three paragraphs below ask yourself, “Do I want that life?”

Imagine a life—your life—filled with a loving family and close friends. Imagine earning an income beyond your wildest dreams. Imagine having the free time to travel the world, to volunteer for a worthy cause, or to simply do whatever you please.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, what if it were possible? Would you be willing to try a few simple strategies that could truly allow you to build the life you’ve always desired?

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