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Prospecting 101 CD or MP3

Prospecting 101 CD by Michael S. Clouse
Prospecting 101 by Michael S. Clouse
This audio program is included in the Total Success Pack

Now you can master the art of creating MLM prospects on demand!

Imagine what would happen to the size and profitability of your business if you could find two new prospects every day… After all, prospecting is the name of the game we all need to play in order to win! And the good news is that if you repeatedly listen to Prospecting 101—and apply the seven simple steps it teaches—creating your own two-a-day never-ending river of prospects is easy to do! If you will get this single CD into the hands of every business-builder on your team, your business will explode!

By listening to Prospecting 101 you’ll learn:

Plus, you’ll discover that all important next step you’ll need to take, before you actually present your business—and how to quickly teach these simple steps to everyone on your team!

All this knowledge, and more, can be yours when you repeatedly listen to Prospecting 101.

“The Prospecting 101 CD helped me to really understand how I need to talk to others and make it about them! I love it and have regularly shared it with the team!” —Colleen Sprister

If you want more prospects for your Network Marketing business, then order this CD (or several of them for your team) by MLM Expert Michael S. Clouse today!

 1 CD Audio Program $14

 14 MB – MP3 Digital Download $12
    2+ $9.80 Save 30%
  10+ $8.40 Save 40%
  25+ $7.00 Save 50%            FREE Shipping on orders over $199

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