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Michael S. Clouse
Request MLM Expert Michael S. Clouse

Below are the details we will need before Michael can commit to speak at your next training. Please copy and paste the following eight questions into an e-mail messageanswer each questionand then return the questions along with your answers to: We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  1. Check Michael's calendar to see if the dates you are requesting are available.
    If you did check, and it appears they are available, what are the dates?
  2. Will your training event attract a minimum of 200 attendees?
  3. How many attended your last event?
  4. For maximum benefit Michael requests 120 minutes to speak. Will that work for you?
  5. What city, state/province will the event be held?
  6. What time will the event begin/end?
  7. What airport will Michael fly into?
  8. How far (in time to travel) is the airport from the event?

Minimum Requirements

  1. Airline ticket reimbursement.
  2. Transportation to and from the airport.
  3. Book and pay for Michael's hotel room.
  4. Speaking fee as agreed.

Gift Ideas

If you're looking for a way to say, "Thank you!" here are three of Michael's favorite gift cards:

Event Introduction

Michael S. Clouse has authored over 50 published articles, along with several books, videos, and audio training programs on the subject of Network Marketing. Certified as a Network Marketing Professional by the University of Illinois at Chicago, Michael is recognized as one of The Top 20 Network Marketing Trainers in the world today. With a background that includes over 25 years experience in direct sales, MLM systems development, and team psychology, Michael is a sought-after business consultant, personal coach, and a dynamic keynote speaker. His weekly newsletter is read by tens of thousands of Network Marketing Professionals around the world.

If you need a picture for a flyer, etc., click here!

To summarize: Michael will take care of booking his own airline ticket, and you will reimburse him at the event. You will reserve (and pay for) his hotel room (non-smoking king). Michael will train for 120 minutes (Full-Day Workshops are also available upon request), and his books and CDs (or flyers) will be available at the event.

What others are saying about Michael S. Clouse

"I wouldn't be where I am today without the knowledge I gained from [Michael's] live events and training CDs." Lynn Nelson Hagedorn

"Michael is one of the best speakers and trainers I've ever seen..."
—Rita Davenport CSP, CPAE

 "It was an honor to tell your story."
—Richard Poe author of The Wave 3 Way to Building Your Downline & Wave 4

"Michael not only makes things happen for himself, he fulfills the credo of Network Marketing—he makes things happen for others!" —Jeffrey Gitomer author of The Sales Bible

Here are just a few of the anonymous comments made at the Houston Mastermind event:

"Wow, wow, wow!"

"[Michael S. Clouse] was my favorite speaker!"

"Amazing! Phenomenal training!

"Excellent content. Well delivered."

"Very polished...loved it..."

"Great message, great delivery."

"...bring [Michael] back!"

"Wonderful presenter...great role model."

"...can't wait to start listening to [Michael's] material over and over."

"Loved what [Michael] had to say."

"...very well thought out...concise..."

"Great stage presentation. Very likeable. He was good."

" changing talk. [Michael] gave me the keys I have been searching for..."

"Effortless manner of speaking. Content = Five Star!"

"Unbelievable presentation..."

"And absolute inspiration!"

"...impressive, motivational, fun, incredible speaker."

"Priceless information."

"...give [Michael] more time on stage."

"I can't believe I'd never heard this man speak! Incredible, authentic and powerful."

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