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Overcoming The Fear Of Prospecting

F.E.A.R – False Expectations Appearing Real.
Because confidence is preparation’s twin, to overcome any fear, you must:
1) understand the beast, and 2) tame the beast.

Three areas of prospecting:

  1. Hot Market – Close family & friends.
  2. Warm Market – Those you know well.
  3. Cold Market – Those you don’t know at all.

Three kinds of prospectors:

  1. Prospectors who don’t want to call Close Family & Friends, but will call their Warm Market and may reluctantly do Cold Market prospecting.
  2. Prospectors who don’t want to call Close Family & Friends, or their Warm Market, but claim that they want to do Cold Market prospecting.
  3. Prospectors who do only Cold Market prospecting.

Get and use the right tools… Here are the prospecting tools you will need to win the prospecting game: The formula for mastering the prospecting game and effortlessly creating two new prospects everyday is…

1 part mental preparation
2 parts desire & motivation
6 parts meeting-and-greeting-people skills
7 parts concepts, approaches, and activity

…therefore, your prospecting tools should contain:

As A Man Thinketh e-Book: Print and read daily—for 30 consecutive days—allowing its thoughts, insights, and wisdom to begin to positively affect your thinking; allowing you to truly create a better life.

Prospecting 101 : Listen everyday—for 30 consecutive days—while getting ready for your day; in your car; while traveling to work or appointments; at home.

Seven Prospecting Secrets eBook: Print and review one secret per day-for 30 consecutive days-until you have mastered the concepts, approaches, and activity. Master the words to use in the marketplace, and you truly can create the business of your dreams!

If you don’t have a copy of Prospecting 101 & Seven Prospecting Secrets and you still have a fear of prospecting—make the decision to change this over the next 30 days—get these tools into your hands. Teach this to your team!

Your Approach:
Hot Market – Close Family & Friends
Inform them the same way you would if you started your own company (because you have) or made a career change! Use the first secret: Ask Six People For Help.

Warm Market – Those you know well

You are the messenger; the 3rd party tool is the message. Use The first two secrets: Ask Six People For Help and Are You Open To Any Offers?

Cold Market – Those you don’t know at all
Use the third secret: Attending The Trade Show, the fourth secret: Attending Business Events and the sixth secret: Your Approach Market.

Use the seventh secret Prospecting Is A Game to put it all together.

And remember, the formula for fearlessly mastering the prospecting game and effortlessly creating two new prospects everyday is…

1 part mental preparation: Two parts desire & motivation: Six parts meeting-and-greeting-people skills. Seven parts concepts, approaches, and activity.

The 5th Secret: How To Overcome The Fear Of Prospecting is knowing that almost any fear can be overcome by 1) being better prepared and then 2) by using the right tool(s).

Assignment: Review what we’ve discussed, and if you have any fear whatsoever, get a copy of Prospecting 101 & Seven Prospecting Secrets and create your own Prospecting Game Plan.

All the best,


P.S. Seven Prospecting Secrets & Prospecting 101 will teach you how to overcome the fear of talking to people, how to start a conversation, and how to get the contact information you need!

Seven MLM Prospecting Secrets by Michael S Clouse Prospecting 101 CD by Michael S. Clouse


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