The Secret to Developing Leaders

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Your third step in Your 90-Day Game Plan
This audio program is included in the Total Success Pack

This powerful four-hour audio program covers: 1) How to become a leader. 2) Where to find more leaders. 3) How to sponsor those leaders. And 4) The best way to teach leaderships skills.

You’ll learn the secret behind the foundation of leadership, why leaders use structure and accountability, how to teach so others will learn, and the reason 90-Day Game Plans work.

You’ll learn exactly where to find leadership-potential prospects, discover the art of playing detective, be taught the power approach, and have revealed to you the illusive seven steps to mastering this leadership game.

You’ll learn what leaders need to learn, the importance of PDR, how to give the perfect presentation, and the five keys to effective follow-up.

You’ll learn how to teach leaders to lead, the simple art of duplication, the best kept secret of time management, and how true leaders profit using the fifth principle.

The Secret To Developing Leaders, is the third audio program in Your 90 Day Game Plan. At some point, you really should listen to the first two programs… Here’s why