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Truth About Prospecting

Prospecting. It’s the name of the game. It’s one of the fundamentals. And it’s supposed to be somewhat simple. After all MLM prospecting is just finding people to talk to—and then talking to the people you find… Right?

Well if that’s true (and it is), you might be wondering, “Why do so many seem to procrastinate so often when it comes to scheduling appointments, asking for referrals, or starting conversations with those who might be perfect for their business?”

If you would like to know why the vast majority of business-builders do indeed procrastinate when it comes to the MLM Prospecting part of their plan—and I thought you might—allow me to explain how a few universally repeated remarks have paralyzed a plethora of people all over the world.

This procrastination phenomenon (which I had wondered about for years) all became clear after I started asking my audiences three simple questions, and consistently heard the same three answers everywhere I went…

At the Houston Mastermind, where attendees from 20 different countries came to learn how to build better businesses… In the West Indies, at an MLM leadership conference in Port of Spain, Trinidad… Even while speaking on a cruise ship, sailing from Norway to Germany, that had attracted business-builders from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland—I asked the same questions and got the same answers.

So what were the questions, and the corresponding answers received, that have been so commonly programmed into our collective consciousness? Imagine the following three comments being made—by a parent to a child—and see if you too (like all my audiences) can complete the following sentences:

“Children should be seen and not _____.”
“Don’t speak unless you are ______ __.”
“Don’t talk to _________.”

The correct answers (as if you needed me to provide them) are:

“Children should be seen and not heard.”
“Don’t speak unless you are spoken to.”
“Don’t talk to strangers.”

Apparently we were all taught to be careful where we spoke, when we spoke, and to whom we spoke, by our sometimes overly-protective parents. So is programming the only reason so many procrastinate so often when it comes to prospecting? Well, not exactly…

This MLM prospecting procrastination phenomenon (telling yourself, “I am going to…” and yet not following through) is primarily the result of fear-based parental programming combined with a lack of sufficient skills. Therefore, before you can comfortably call to schedule your appointments, ask for referrals, or start conversations with those who might be perfect for your business, you need to: 1) overcome your parental programming and 2) learn some basic MLM prospecting, or conversational skills…

Indeed, becoming comfortable contacting those in your community is possible to the degree youembrace the following: 1) My parents probably taught me to procrastinate. 2) Paraliminal technology can “reprogram” my fear-based behavior. 3) To achieve success, I will need to learn these skills: how to start conversations; how to ask the right questions; and how to listen for the answers. In other words, you need to learn how to uncover what your prospects really want—money, time-freedom, or simply a better quality of life— and then show them how to get it…

Because if you will go to work on getting a little better every day—using the technology and the MLM tools that are already available—30 days from today you will find yourself effortlessly scheduling appointments, asking for referrals, and starting conversations with those who will be perfect for your ever-expanding Network Marketing Empire!

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