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Using Power Luncheons To Open New Markets

In The 90-Day Success Cycle, I reminded you to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing! And what is the main thing? Simply: How many times today will your company’s story be told by you, by one of your associates, by a tool, or by an event? Learn to track that, and you can build a financial wall around your family nothing can get through.

Well, if you’re interested in one of those events being a luncheon—and by the way, you should be—the following story should be of interest to you:

The Letterman Lunch

In the 1920’s Elmer Letterman was an insurance salesman in New York City. He reserved a table for four, at the Four Seasons Hotel, five days a week. He would call a client or prospect and ask them who they would like to meet. He would arrange a luncheon for no more than three guests. His plan was to help his client or prospect develop contacts that would enhance their career. He carried no brochure… He carried no rate book… He sold no insurance… If anyone asked him about insurance his comment was “My partner will call you.” Elmer became a multi-millionaire!

So what’s the best way to set up your own money-making luncheon machines? Consider following—as an outline—these seven simple steps:

  1. Select a restaurant that is close to home, and/or the area in which you’re looking to build your business.
  2. Make arrangements in advance with the owner or manager. Agree on the day, time, and table. Cover the separate checks issue in advance, and remember to leave your name, or company name, with the person greeting the customers, so that your prospects will have an easy time finding your table.
  3. Confirm the details: every Wednesday, 12:10, at The Olive Garden restaurant, table for six away from everyone. With another table for six close by just in case. Now what?
  4. Set The Agenda… Luncheons work when they’re not a big deal. Simply let a few of your associates know that you’ll be giving a luncheon at The Olive Garden restaurant every Wednesday at 12:10. Arrive early, prepared with your presentation material: brochures, distributor agreements, along with any video, audio, and/or CD Rom disks you want to have available. From 12:10 to 12:25 meet, greet, and simply get to know those you’ve invited. This 15 minute window is also a great time to place your food order.
  5. Invite your guests, and those businesspeople within a reasonable area, to attend your luncheon. Invite until you have six people confirmed, and you’ll always eat with someone!

    Note: treat those who attend as if they were the only ones you invited.

    At 12:25 begin your business presentation, and remember to keep it to 20 minutes or less. Why? Because you’ll want the last 15 minutes to complete the paperwork before you’re prospects need to rush back to work. And also remember to effectively tell your story, because, here too, your number one goal is to paint a picture where your guests can see themselves getting involved with you!

  6. If you enroll a new customer and/or new associate, invite them to attend your next weekly event, to meet some of the local leaders.
  7. Do your luncheon again next week. Teach those in your business to start their own weekly luncheon, and cash in on that magic formula: Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing!

And what is the main thing? Simply this: How many times today will your company’s story be told by you, by one of your associates, by a tool, or by an event? Learn to track that, and you can build a financial wall around your family nothing can get through.

Using Power Luncheons To Open New Markets works because the more times the story gets told, the more money you earn… And a great way to tell the story one more time is through power luncheons.

If you can see the wisdom behind taking the lead when it comes to telling the story, then follow the seven steps we’ve just discussed, and begin to incorporate Using Power Luncheons To Open New Markets into your current MLM System.

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