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Using The Right Words

Words have always fascinated me. Take, for example, the comparable expressions of education and training. Both basically intend the same thing and convey the equivalent idea—right? So could it really matter which you use when describing what you really mean to say?

Before you answer too quickly, let me ask you: Is there a distinction—perhaps even a fundamental difference—between sex education and sex training?

And if you’re still thinking that what you say may not be as important as how you say it, consider enrolling your 16-year-old daughter in that next sex training class!

By the way if you’re interested, we train animals, teach children, and educate adults. Unless of course the adults are behaving like animals or children, in which case it does become a judgment call…

Let’s face it—words do matter. Here’s what I mean…

Over the last several years I’ve noticed—and I’m sure you have too—a certain language developing within our industry. A language much more DEstructive than CONstructive.

Some of the words being used to explain what we do are making our business appear tawdry and cheap… And if we’re ever going to elevate our vocation to the highest level possible, there is a bit of vocabulary cleanup that I say (with words) we need to do.

With this in mind, let’s all agree to upgrade the professionalism of our language as follows:

Incorrect     Replaced With Correct
Deal or Opportunity Business
Program Company
Recruit Sponsor/Enroll
Residual Income Ongoing Income
Pitch Presentation
Marketing Plan Compensation Plan
My Team The Team
My Organization The Organization


It’s simple: We’re not in a deal, we’re in a business. The information you requested on my program becomes the information you requested on the company. The Army recruits bodies, we sponsor, or enroll people. And using the word residual to denote your pay plan will get you into trouble quicker than you can say “Attorney General.” Better we share all the benefits of ongoing income…

Pitch belongs in baseball, not in your presentation. The marketing plan isn’t how we market, it’s how we are compensated, and therefore it’s the compensation plan. And please understand that if you successfully teach every distributor on the team to use the word “my” to denote their business, they will be overseeing an organization of one—which is, of course, the loneliest number.

From this day forward let’s choose our words wisely, and together we can continue to create an industry that we are all proud to represent.

All the best,



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