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Your Future Is Tied To The Past

In 1905 George Santayana, the Spanish-born American author, wrote “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” So does that mean we get a “free pass” on our future if we simply choose to remain in ignorance? Not exactly…

Ignorantia legis neminem excusat! Latin for ignorance of the law excuses no one. In other words, we have an obligation—and at times even a legal responsibility—to learn what we can from history.

Now I’m not suggesting we only study the negative just so we can better appreciate the positive. However, I do believe we have a duty of sorts to learn what we can from both sides; “Here’s what’s acceptable…” and “Here’s what will get you into trouble…”

Take for example your Network Marketing business. I’m sure you represent a great company, offer fantastic products, and are paid exceedingly well. And although that may be true for you, it was also what most distributors thought who at one time represented companies like Bigsmart, Jewelway, and Skybiz. Now in case you weren’t involved in the MLM industry a few years back—or don’t remember the past—Bigsmart, Jewelway, and Skybiz were all shut down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for illegal activities. Not good.

Therefore, to learn what is more than acceptable, consider being guided by the DSA’s Code of Ethics. They may not be perfect, and yet if you follow them closely you will probably stay out of trouble. And again, to learn what will get you into trouble—so you can stay out of trouble—seriously consider reading these reports: Bigsmart FTC Report – Jewelway FTC Report – Skybiz FTC Report.

Because by the time you’ve finished considering all five linked pages above, I’m sure you’ll agree this is a part of the past you don’t want repeated in your future.

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P.S. If after reviewing the five linked pages above you believe you’re representing a business that will eventually be shut down, then find a legitimate MLM Company and build a real future!


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